Would You Lick These Things For $20?

I remember when I was in college I was so broke that I drank an entire bottle of Heinz 57 Ketchup for 10 buck as a bar. So trust me, I know the struggle is real! Lick things though is an entirely different subject. I have a serious gag reflex, except when it comes to watching pimple popping videos. I love those things. However, if I take myself back to my college days. Would I lick these things for 20 bucks. I went through all of them. I can safely say, NO!

I would have picked up an extra shift dressing up as Garfield at the Children’s museum. Yes, that was my Senior Year College Job. The guy who created Garfield went to Ball State University from Muncie and so there was a huge portion of the Children’s Museum dedicated to him. I was the cat.

This survery by the way comes from Buzzfeed.

A dollar from a convenience store




Your best friend’s foot




A stranger’s iPhone screen

WOULD – 42%

WOULDN’T – 58%


Underwear at a store that look clean, but may’ve been tried on

WOULD – 38%

WOULDN’T – 62%


The bottom of your own shoe

WOULD – 37%

WOULDN’T – 63%


A toad

WOULD – 29%

WOULDN’T – 71%


The floor of a McDonald’s

WOULD – 12%

WOULDN’T – 88%


A stranger’s foot

WOULD – 10%

WOULDN’T – 90%


A stranger’s earbuds

WOULD – 8%

WOULDN’T – 92%


A dead fish

WOULD – 5%

WOULDN’T – 95%


A stranger’s armpit

WOULD – 4%

WOULDN’T – 96%


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