Strawberries And A Bag Of Onions Brought Sarah Pepper To Tears

Sarah Pepper

I never used to be a crier and I mean NEVER but now that my hormones are all over the place it’s the littlest things that make me cry. I was at the store on Tuesday night just picking up the essentials and I saw this older woman walking by herself, no wedding ring, getting onions and strawberries and I just started crying. I have this tendency of seeing people and creating entire motion pictures of what I think their life is in my head and so I picked up the phone and called Elizabeth crying, hysterically, from the bread aisle. ¬†She’s all like, “What’s wrong” and I’m all like “I’m gonna be the strawberry and onion lady?”

At this point she has NO idea who the onion and strawberry lady is and I try explaining to her that I’m going to end up old and shopping alone and only getting onions and strawberries all alone.

Never gonna get married just all alone with just my onions and strawberries.

YEAH, from the girl who used to never cry to the girl who is LOSING IT over the woman in the store who was probably a grandma and a very happy life and just getting some strawberries for a pie she is gonna make and onions for, well, whatever you get onions for because I don’t eat onions. Even though in my head and my super sad story I was going to buy a bag of them.


This is happening a lot more often these days. So make me feel better.

What’s the most random thing that has made you cry?



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