Her favorite song on the new album is about a boy. But which boy?

By Joe Cingrana

Now that Camila Cabello has released two hit singles (“Crying in the Club,” and “I Have Questions”) off of her upcoming album, The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving, the Cuban-born singer is beginning to let her excitement show about the work she’s putting into her solo debut.

During her visit at 92.3 AMP Radio in New York City, Camila explained to morning hosts Shoboy and Nina just how much of the album is broken up, percentage-wise, between “hurting,” “healing,” and “loving.”

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“I actually would say it’s pretty even,” Camila says about the songs and each of the three separate categories.The Hurting’ is definitely ‘I Have Questions’ and there are a couple other songs like that.

“The hurting is definitely ‘I Have Questions’ and there are a couple other songs like that.”

“The healing, I would definitely put ‘Crying in the Club’ into that category, and also this other song called ‘Scar Tissue.'”

“The loving is kind of like the fun stuff,” she admits. “I have a song called ‘Havana’ on there. It’s really cool and mixes the classic Cuban sound with Hip Hop, which I did with Frank Dukes and Pharrell. I feel like I’m in the loving’ now,” Camilla explained. “I’m trying to squeeze back in some writing time before I really have to let go of the project. So, I feel like I might have a lot more of those songs to go.”

Camila also let us in on what her favorite song off ‘Hurting’ is at the moment and a little background on the track.

“There’s also another song called ‘I’ll Never Be the Same’ which is my favorite song right now and the only song that’s really about a boy. It’s a love song — It’s a good song about a boy!”

The boy in question, Camila says, is not a current significant other, rather someone whom she remembered after looking at her notes and sketches for songs.

“It was just that title, ‘I’ll Never Be The Same,’ Camila recalls. “And there was a beat that somebody played, and I was like, ‘this sounds like being in love.’ So I wrote it about that situation, but that happened like two years ago. I need something new now!”

Camila Cabello’s solo debut is scheduled for release in September 2017.

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