Sarah Pepper

Just to bring you up to speed on everything that is happening. Sarah was working out at the gym here in our building when she saw a very attractive guy running on the treadmill at the gym. She tried to take the photo but it never turned out right and was at the point she was about to be the creeper on the treadmill. So she didn’t get the picture. ¬†However, she did see the boss on her way out and told him about hot guy in gym and since he was on his way there, she said, “Get the photo”. Apparently bros don’t take photos of other bros in the gym, if they are strangers. So, Sarah, kind of let it go until the boss brought love back into the office when he saw him in the deli and snapped this photo.

I am going to file this under you know you have an awesome boss when…

thumbnail have you seen e1496835435301 Is Hot Guy From The Gym Single? Find Out Here!

So, could we have just posted this on social media and left it to the universe, yeah. However that’s lazy and never gets anything done. So I had the web guy, Drew, make up some signs to hang around the office.

thumbnail have you seen1 Is Hot Guy From The Gym Single? Find Out Here!

Cause that’s what you do for your friends.

Well, this morning we had Hot Guy in again to find out if he’s single and unfortunately for Lauren Kelly, he’s not, however, he has a hot brother and he IS single and he IS interested!

unnamed Is Hot Guy From The Gym Single? Find Out Here!

Meet Gabe! He’s Hot Guy from the Gym’s Hot Brother!

Gabe is joining the show tomorrow at 8:20.



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