If You’re Not A Hugger Are You Heartless?

This all got started from the Keisha and Jerry Seinfeld video that is viral. This is my friend Tommy, he does a radio show in Washington D.C. and he was interviewing Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha tried to get a hug and Jerry Seinfeld shut her down. He had the conversation on his show and I was telling some friends about it last night and someone said, “People that don’t hug are just heartless”.

Here’s the video.


I am not a hugger. I have never been a hugger which is very hard in this line of work because everyone wants to hug you! Which, I appreciate and it’s not like I don’t like people I am just not comfortable in those situations. Do I hug my mom and my sister, yes. My close friends? Sometimes. It just isn’t something that I am comfortable with. I have never thought of myself as heartless or not compassionate, but physical forms of affection with strangers isn’t how I show that compassion. It is just something I have never understood. So, people calling Jerry Seinfeld a jerk because he didn’t wanna hug Kesha is something I sympathize with.

Now, would I have given her the obligatory uncomfortable side hug. Sure. Would I have completely shut her down, especially considering how persistent she was, no. However, I do understand.

This is why I have the rule, High Fives No Hugs.

It’s not that I don’t love you, in fact, if I give you a high five it is the exact opposite. I am just not comfortable.




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