Lauren Kelly’s Date With Hot Gym Guy’s Brother, Gabe: Here’s How It Went

Author: Lauren Kelly

So I’ll admit it, in the past 9 years I’ve known Sarah Pepper she has relentlessly tried to hook me up by finding me Mr. Right.

She has not succeeded, lol.

BUT, as luck would have it…last week Sarah took a picture of a hot guy working out in the gym in our office building, only to find out he had a longterm girlfriend. Good news though, hot gym guy had single brother who was willing to take me out on a date.

Sarah, Geoff, Geoff’s wife, Ev, Ev’s girlfriend and Ev’s brother Gabe and I ALL went on a date (lol) to B&B Butchers on Friday night and had a great time. If you missed Sarah (and table) creepin on us, check out this video:

It’s been a minute since I’ve gone out on a date, but I had an absolutely fantastic time. Gabe was nothing but a gentleman, and we got along great. It definitely didn’t hurt he’s especially easy on the eyes… 😜

Here’s a few things I learned about Gabe on the date:

1.) He’s the middle of three brothers. Yes, there’s a third hot brother in this fam.

2.) His favorite band of all time is Led Zeppelin.

3.) His first tattoo (of many) was the word “FAITH” on the inside of his arm.

4.) His favorite food is pizza.

5.) He’s been in the gun training work environment for 6 years.

6.) His last relationship was a few years ago, it lasted about 3 years.

7.) I think his celeb doppleganger is Adrian Grenier of ‘Entourage.’

8.) The first drink he ever got drunk on was Malibu and Capri Sun

9.) Before he started working with guns, he was the drummer in a band with his brother Alex.

10.) He’s thinking of moving to LA to pursue acting.

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