If the best revenge is living well, Rachael Heffner is taking the best revenge on her former college crush!

According to the Daily Mail:

After being turned down for a date by her college crush, Rachael Heffner decided see if she could win his heart by losing weight.

Soon, she was eating nothing but chips and sugary treats, and downing drinking four bottles of soda per day. By the time she got to college, she had a BMI of more than 50 and weighed 285 pounds. But it wasn’t until her college crush told her that he didn’t want to date her because she was so heavy that she started getting serious about getting fit and losing weight.

Heffner, now 25, began lifting weights with her roommate, cut out junk food, stopped eating out, and replaced her sodas with water. Soon enough she lost 140 pounds — and realized she didn’t want to date her former crush after all. Heffner says that after running into him a few times since her weight loss, he’s asked her out, but she’s “him know that we’re just friends now and not romantic.”

She’s now a fitness fiend:

How’s that for a “revenge body?”


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