Josh Brolin Recreates ‘Goonies’ Role For 80’s-Themed Party

Author: Lauren Kelly

Here’s how to be the coolest kid at the 80’s theme party: dress up as the character you actually played in one of the most popular 80’s movies of all time.

That’s exactly what actor Josh Brolin did over at a costume party he went to. Josh played Brand in the 1985 classic “The Goonies,” and apparently everyone there thought it was the COOLEST COSTUME EVER! (as did we!)

He wore his infamous bandanna, sweat shit and sweat pants, and even brought along his exercise equipment to the party that he attended with his wife, Kathryn Boyd.

According to the Chronicle, Brolin has been one of the most successful member of “The Goonies” cast, along with Martha Plimpton and Sean Astin. The cast routinely reunites around key “Goonies” anniversaries and there has always been talk of a sequel, although the original cast’s involvement is not clear.

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