Sarah Pepper’s Weekend In Five Photos

  1. I’m not gonna lie, Friday I did NOTHING Friday night. So unless you want pictures of me and my dog chilling on the coach watch Netflix. Let’s start with Saturday 🙂

It was a big day for Elizabeth’s nieces Linda an Bella they got to go to their first DASH GAME! Both of them are soccer players so they are pumped!

When I asked them them what their favorite part of the whole day was, they said riding the train. The METRO 🙂

When the game was over there was a Kealia and JJ spotting!  Look at them 🙂 I love the fact that he supports women’s soccer!!! Love that the Cushing’s have been there since day 1. Truly an great asset in Houston, are the Dash and I love to see the crowds grow every single week!! #Dashon Plus, if you haven’t been to a game, come out and join us one night! It’s a blast!

Just another one for you. I know it’s only five photos but come on, it’s JJ!


I’m not sure what happened here! We were going to the tattoo parlor on Saturday and saw this!


Sunday was Galveston Day! I wanted Elizabeth to take a photo like Little Mermaid. This is what I got.

This is what I wanted. You had one job! 🙂

On the way home, we saw this guy! Yeah, that’s one leg hanging off of his motorcycle. I wanted to call the police. Wouldn’t you have?!

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