Sarah Pepper

I went to Catholic School for most of my life from second grade through high school and I LOVED wearing a uniform! You didn’t have to worry about what you were going to wear. You just got up, put on your khakis and shirt and went. In high school I worked at a retirement home and we wore a uniform every day. Then I became a waitress. Guess what? Uniform! I am a uniform girl. I don’t like having to decide what to wear everyday. In fact, I feel like I wear the same thing all the time any way. I find one shirt in a certain style I like and buy all the colors. Wear them til they fall apart and then get new ones 🙂 Trust me, I went to the Outlet this weekend and cleaned GAP out of their $6.99 shirts 🙂

So I am completely down with the half of Americans who would prefer to wear a uniform everyday anyway!

The exact number is 48%.

What does that uniform look like? I don’t know. I feel blessed everyday that I work in an environment where I am able to wear jeans to work.

Take the uniform option off the table and 20% of us want a casual dress code, jeans and t-shirts. 36% say somewhat casual. 28% say somewhat formal. 16% say they actually prefer a FORMAL work attire which is paintsuit and suit and tie!

So are you dressing appropriately for work? 41% of people say they aren’t always sure. That’s 48% of men and 31% of women.

What would you wear to work if you could? If it wasn’t too casual? 

FYI I’m pretty sure Lauren Kelly and I have worn these at least once or a 100 times to work! 

  •  flip-flops
  • leggings
  • baseball hats
  • jerseys
  • shorts
  • cargo pants
  • tracksuits
  • pajama bottoms

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