Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

**”Transformers: The Last Knight” opened with a franchise-low $69.1 million, and that’s its FIVE-DAY total, since it opened on Wednesday. Friday through Sunday, it only brought in $45.3 million.

It’s the first “Transformers” movie not to open to $100 million or more. But it did make $196.2 million overseas, for a global total of $265.3 million. It cost $217 million to make, not counting marketing costs. Here’s this weekend’s Top 5:

1. “Transformers: The Last Knight”, $45.3 million. Up to $69.1 million since Wednesday.

2. “Cars 3”, $25.2 million. Up to $99.9 million in its 2nd week.

3. “Wonder Woman”, $25.2 million. Up to $318.4 million in its 4th week.

4. “47 Meters Down”, $7.4 million. Up to $24.3 million in its 2nd week.

5. “All Eyez on Me”, $5.9 million. Up to $38.6 million in its 2nd week

Speaking of movies, ‘Wonder Woman’ star Gal Gadot told W magazine that Beyoncé helped her land the role of Wonder Woman during auditions.

“The director, Zack Snyder, asked me to do a camera test. That was torture. They were looking at six or seven girls, and we were all in separate trailers and were told to stay inside until they called us. Waiting is my enemy number one, and I was losing my mind. So, I decided to put on Beyoncé. ‘Who runs the world? Girls!’ I just started to dance, and I let my anxiety go. Thank you, Beyoncé!”

**Brad Pitt and Elle MacPherson were allegedly spotted on an “intimate date” at an L.A. nightclub.

A source says, quote, “She was touching his arm a lot and flicking her hair over her shoulder. There was a lot of flirting going on. He was laughing at everything she said and leaning in really close.”

Brad and Elle are both 53. They first met in 1999, when Elle was playing Joey’s new roommate on “Friends“. Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time.

While we are talking about Brad Pitt, this past weekend a fan took a selfie with him only to be photobombed by Bradley Cooper. Musician and fan Chris Simmons posted the pic on Instagram and writing: “When you get your photo with Brad Pitt photobombed by Bradley Cooper!”

When you get your photo with Brad Pitt photobombed by Bradley Cooper!

A post shared by Chris Simmons (@iamchrissimmons) on

**Aaron Carter was briefly hospitalized last week after he says he was body-shamed by fans about his recent weight loss. The younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter fired off a series of tweets after his NY concert on Thursday, where he overheard people discussing how skinny he was, saying he looked sick and suggesting he needed to eat five cheeseburgers.

Aaron’s twitter account has since been shut down for now, but he tweeted messages back to fans including, “This is body shaming. You guys are bullying me. I’ve already addressed my medical issues. #bodyshaming”

“I’m sorry I’m not fat enough. For my fake fans”

**Jamie Foxx is one of the reasons Ed Sheeran is a superstar – Jamie helped Ed out when he was just a struggling, unknown artist – and gave Ed his big break. During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show Friday night, Foxx said, “Ed Sheeran slept on my couch for six weeks before he was famous. I was doing a radio show in LA and he knew that we do music so he came to my radio show.” “He comes to my crib… he plays and I’m like, ‘You’re incredible,’” he said.

During his time sofa surfing at Foxx’s house, Ed even recorded some of his debut album + (Plus) which led him to being signed by Atlantic Records.

**Britney Spears recently performed two concerts in Bangkok, Thailand. The singer took to social media to express how much she loves the country and they returned the love to her.

Four flight attendants from Thai carrier Nok Air recreated the iconic airplane-themed music video for Spears’ 2003 track “Toxic” to welcome her to the country. While they didn’t recreate the entire music video, the group nailed the aircraft scenes.

**Charlie Sheen is being sued for allegedly lying about his HIV status to a woman he was with…

While Sheen wasn’t explicitly named in the suit, the unnamed plaintiff refers to two nationally televised interviews in which “the defendant” revealed his HIV status.

The suit specifically mentions November 17th, 2015, the same day Sheen went on Today and shared his HIV status.

**Justin Timberlake is loving fatherhood! The singer took to Instagram on Saturday, June 24, to share a funny selfie from his son Silas’ play class.

“When you’re the only Dad at the mid-morning play-class, if you stay any longer than 20 minutes… THIS IS YOUR FATE. #dadlife,” Timberlake, 36, captioned a photo of himself balancing a pair of colorful toddler-created glasses on the bridge of his nose.

**Barney’s New York just started selling a $185 PAPERCLIP from Prada. Now, it’s not just an ordinary paperclip. It’s two-and-a-half inches tall, it’s made out of polished sterling silver, and you’re supposed to use it as a money clip.

If you’re curious, you could buy over 34,000 regular paperclips at Staples for $185.

The SOCKS WITH SANDALS look also just recently showed up in a few different fashion shows in Paris last week, including one for Louis Vuitton. Yes, models walked down the catwalk showing off their socks with sandals.


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