All The Feels: Houston Rallied To Give This 7-Year-Old The Best Birthday Ever!

A few weeks ago we heard the story of Kaden. He is a six going to be 7-year-old in the Houston area who told his mother he didn’t want to have a birthday party because no one would come. We talked to his mom Stacy and shared his story with all of you and the heart of Houston didn’t disappoint.

The CY Fair Volunteer Fire Department picked Kaden up and brought him to his party at the Trampoline park!

His mom Stacy was so moved by everyone’s love and support!

He had the absolute best time!

I mean who wouldn’t want to sit in the fire truck!

Look at that smile!

Thank you Houston for making Kaden’s birthday so memorable!

HUGE Thanks go the CY Fair Volunteer Fire Department!

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