Control People in Social Situations With These Psychology Tricks

Are you awkward in social situations?  Have a hard time reading the room sometimes?  Are you like me and you seem to interrupt conversations because you didn’t pick up on the cues that they were deep in conversation?  Do you just want to persuade people to go along with whatever it is you are trying to accomplish?  Turns out there are some pretty cool body and mental tricks you can use when in social situations to gain the upper hand.   Here are 5 of the top moves.

  • Look at their feet when approaching a group that is already chatting.
    • Turns out you can tell a lot about how welcome you are in a group by which direction they turn their feet.  When you approach, if they only turn their upper body towards you but their feet stay in the same direction, it means you are interrupting and are unwelcome.  If they turn their body AND their feet, it means you are welcome and a good chance they WANTED something to break the conversation they were just having
  •  If you want someone to agree with you, nod your head when speaking.
    • This mental hack is a bit sneaky and possibly leans towards manipulative.  People like to mimic others when speaking and by nodding your head when asking for something like a day off, a promotion or just a date, there is a good chance they will subconsciously nod back at you.
  • Test if they are paying attention by folding your arms.
    • This is another sneaky hack that falls in line with people’s urge to mimic.  If you are saying something and want to test if the other is really paying attention, fold your arms and see if they follow suit.
  • Need a big favor? Ask for a small favor first.
    • This is called the “Foot-in-the-door” effect and revolves around someone who has done you a favor in the past, is more likely to do another favor for you in the future.  If you need a big favor, ask them to do something small first.   Their brains will automatically assume they must like you since they did a favor for you before.  Another method is to ask for something crazy and large with the expectation they will say no, then follow it up with your real, more reasonable request.
  • Chew Gum if you are nervous!
    • If you are eating, your fight or flight response is weakened because your brain assumes you must not be in any immediate danger.


Give these a shot and let me know if you take over the world.   See the full list here.







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