Adele Asks Fans to Donate to Grenfell Tower Victims, Hints at Tour Retirement

By Robyn Collins

Adele began the last run of her tour Wednesday (June 28) at Wembley Stadium in the UK to a record-breaking crowd of 98,000. And she had a powerful message to deliver to the entire audience.

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She stressed the importance of helping victims from the Grenfell Tower fire and asked fans to donate money. The June 14 Grenfell Tower fire in West London killed 80 people, reports BBC News.

The pop star delivered a video message with chilling footage of the devastation before the show, “It’s been two weeks since the fire, and still the people who were affected by it are homeless,

“I promise that the money we raise together will go directly to the people who are living in that block,” she said.

Later, during the show, the singer made a live plea. “Usually I ask everyone to get their phone out and put their lights on. But before I do that I want you to donate.”

“Did anyone see the video before I came on?” she added. “I’ve been down to Grenfell Tower. I can’t tell you how out of control and how chaotic it still is down there, it’s been two weeks since this happened… it’s atrocious that we can’t get answers.”

She continued, “It’s our job as human beings to be compassionate… You’ll be hearing a lot more from me about [Grenfell] in the days and weeks and probably years to come.”

Then Adele dedicated her song “Hometown Glory” to the victims of the fire.

While her plea for donations dominated the headlines, found out other major news at the show. “I wanted my final shows to be in London because I don’t know if I’ll ever tour again,” read a note in the program. “I’ve done 119 shows and these last four will take me up to 123, it has been hard out an absolute thrill and pleasure to have done.”



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