Bite Helper Stops Mosquito Bite Itch In Under 1-Minute

This year seems like the mosquitos never went away with a warm winter and we’ve been attacked every second we’re outside.  Now that it is even hotter and the summer rains keep coming through it is getting worse.   Now there is a product that claims it gets rid of that itch from the bites in under a minute!

So what do you do when the inevitable happens? You are going to get bitten. You are going to scratch it. You are going to itch. It’s infuriating. Especially when you lay down at night and the sheet barely touches a bite, which then sends you into a scratch-fest.

Of course you can use Benadryl cream, but you have to wait minutes without scratching before it starts to work. What if there was a product that could get rid of the itch immediately after the bite?

Meet the Bite Helper. Now, we haven’t taken this thing for a test run, but it sounds promising. You can read a review HERE. It’s a combination of 120 degree heat and vibrations that are supposed to reduce your itchy bites to small little bumps. One can be yours for a mere $39.95.

This might be one of those products that sounds too good to be true.


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