4 Tips To Stop Your Luggage From Being Lost

Sarah Pepper

I am only going to list few and you can read the reasons and the explanations and the full list here.

  1. Get rid of old labels immediately

    I have been guilty about this but have since taken any and everything off. Since for some reason when my bag go to Orlando it was scanned Disney. My only guess is because I had a Disney tag from an old old old cruise on there.


  2. Check in early

    When you check in close to the flight, your bag may not make it on the flight.

  3. Ask the staff to stick a “Fragile” label on your baggage

    Apparently this is a truck of the trade and they will take special care of your bag.


  4. Opt for a brightly colored but not expensive-looking suitcase

You can read the full list here and the explanations. All things considered. I have a travelers backpack. With no tags, not heavy and we checked in early. We had a HUGE layover because we were delayed and it was still lost.


So here’s my Sarah Pepper advice. Pack a small thing of toiletries in your carry on. Also, pack two pairs of underwear, a bra, your bathing suit and a change of clothes and a shirt to sleep in. This way if you are UNLUCKY enough to have your bag lost. You aren’t wasting your vacation time searching a city you don’t know for items you need.


Also, contact the airline immediately for approval to buy necessity items.


Check their policy on lost bags.


Finally, don’t let it ruin your trip. If you’re like me, I saved for EIGHT MONTHS for my trip and you can’t let a bump in the road ruin eight months of excitement!



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