First off I want to say that they looked at gas prices, traffic, quality of roads and how likely you are to crash. Those are the top ones. Then they also looked at about 20 other things! Houston didn’t even make the list! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Houston! However, I have lost my car in potholes before. I fist grip my steering wheel every time I merge from 59 to 610 where it goes to one lane and everyone tries to get over at the last minute acting like they didn’t know it was coming up. NO, I’m not letting you over. Pause, I’m getting heated and there’s no need. But yeah, I was shocked Houston didn’t make the list.

One good reason why is probably our gas prices are low. I just can’t imagine they have been on 45 or 290 in the past couple of years and thought, “yeah, this is awesome”.

Here are the top ten according to WalletHub. 

1.  San Francisco.  This is mainly for how expensive it is to maintain a car.


2.  Oakland, California.  Right next to San Francisco.


3.  Detroit.


4.  D.C.


5.  Seattle.


6.  Boston.


7.  Honolulu.


8.  Philadelphia.


9.  Baltimore.


10.  Los Angeles.



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