Sarah Pepper Wanted Ryan Cabrera As Her Wedding Song, So He Called Into The Show!!

Author: Lauren Kelly

Yesterday was Geoff Sheen‘s 5th Year Wedding Anniversary, which got us talking about wedding songs. Geoff and his wife danced to this song: Sade, “By Your Side

So the rest of us thought about it, and realized that all girls have probably been thinking about what their wedding is going to be since they were little. So which songs did Sarah Pepper and Lauren Kelly go with for their (future) weddings?

Sarah: Ryan CabreraTrue

Lauren: Michael BubleTo Be Loved

So we tweeted Ryan Cabrera about this yesterday…

So I said when I get married I wanna dance to @RyanCabrera #True I’m fan girling cause he’s callin the show 2morrow morning! @Mix965Houston

— Sarah Pepper (@realsarahpepper) July 13, 2017


…and then he decided to call in! Take a listen to what he had to say this morning…would he ever actually sing at Sarah’s wedding??

Click HERE to listen to the interview!

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