Sarah Pepper’s Weekend In Five Photos

My sister and her friends were all at my house for the weekend because they had a layover for their mission trip to Guatamala to build homes and a school. So if you could keep her and her entire team in your thoughts and prayers over the next week that would be amazing!


When they say Christmas in July, I think it means, Christmas in July!  Lauren, Elizabeth and Lauren’s boyfriend, Gabe, and I went to a wine tasting and we went all decked out for Christmas in July and we got there. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE was dressed for Christmas in July! We had a blast anyway 🙂

FYI this is me getting ready and I have to send pictures to Lauren before I leave the house because I never know if I match or NOT!

My new bed came this weekend! I L-O-V-E LOVE IT! Watching “Game of Thrones last night in the bed was AMAZING!


Remember  that dress that caused all that controversy about what color it was. I found it this weekend. Bad news it wasn’t in my size.

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