96 Second News: There’s A Terrible New Beyonce Wax Figure; The REAL Reason Ed Sheeran Quit Twitter

Lauren Kelly

**Madame Tussauds in NYC unveiled a new Beyonce statue, and people lost their minds over how BAD it looks.

In a photo of the wax figure that went viral, her face doesn’t even look like Beyoncé. People have been comparing it to Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Shakira, or even a “poor man’s Mariah Carey.”

Madame Tussauds issued a statement saying the image going around was distorted by, quote, “lighting within the attraction combined with flash photography.”

They also released a photo that supposedly depicts the statue more accurately. But frankly, it doesn’t look any better. In fact, it probably looks MORE like Britney or Shakira.


**The REAL reason Ed Sheeran quit Twitter was NOT over Game of Thrones

Contact Music claims Ed Sheeran didn’t quit Twitter because of poor Game of Thrones reviews. He says; Last i’ll say on this. I came off Twitter Coz I was always intending to come off Twitter, had nothing to do with what people said about my game of thrones cameo, because I am in game of thrones, why the hell would I worry what people thought about that. It’s clearly f***in’ awesome. Timing was just a coincidence, but believe what you want”


**Forbes has ranked the Highest Earning TV Entertainers of 2017 and Dr. Phil is #1.

1 Dr. Phil … $79 million
2 Ellen DeGeneres … $77 million
3 Jerry Seinfeld … $69 million
4 Gordon Ramsey … $60 million.
5 Ryan Seacrest … $58 million


**TheWrap.com has a new list of ‘The 31 Worst Sitcoms of All Time.’ They are, in no particular order:

1. “Cavemen”, ABC, 2007. It only lasted one season.
2. “George”, ABC, 1993-1994. It only lasted one season and starred George Foreman.
3. “Harry & the Hendersons”, syndication, 1991 to 1993. It lasted three seasons.
4. “Homeboys in Outer Space”, UPN, 1996 to 1997. It only lasted one season.
5. “Ferris Bueller”, NBC, 1990 to 1991. It only lasted one season.
6. The “Friends” spin-off “Joey”, NBC, 2004 to 2006. It lasted two seasons.
7. “Yes, Dear”, CBS, 2000 to 2006. It lasted six seasons.
8. “Dads”, Fox, 2013 to 2014. It only lasted one season.
9. “AfterMASH”, CBS, 1983 to 1985. It lasted two seasons.
10. “Rob!”, CBS, 2012. It only lasted one season and starred Rob Schneider.


**For the past few years, Lay’s has been running their “Do Us a Flavor” contest, where anyone can submit an idea for a new flavor of potato chips, no matter HOW strange it is . . . and then they actually make a few of them.

They just announced the three finalists for this year, and they are:

1. Everything Bagel
2. Fried Green Tomatoes
3. Crispy Taco

All three of them will be in stores at the end of the month, and people can vote on which ones are the best, and the person who submitted the winner will get a $1 million grand prize.


**At some point in time, all of us want to quit Facebook…but none of us do. And there’s a new reason why.

A new study found that we’re all hopelessly addicted to Facebook for one reason above anything else: It lets us silently JUDGE our friends. And we love doing that so much that we can’t look away.

The researchers even found we’re willing to put up with all of the offensiveness and nonsense people are posting, just for the sake of that one moment where we get to judge someone and maybe feel superior to them.

Read the rest of the story >>> HERE.


**The publishers of the Harry Potter series are releasing two new books this fall to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the hit franchise’s first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Bloomsbury Publishing announced on Tuesday, July 18, that it will release two new books on October 20.

One of the releases, Harry Potter: A History of Magic — The Book of the Exhibition, and the other: Harry Potter — A Journey Through a History of Magic.


**Chris Kirkpatrick says that all five guys from ‘N SYNC keep up by phone, and they’re all in a group text together, but there are also several sub-groups that don’t include everyone saying quote, “There’s probably a text with every combination . . .”

“There’s one with all five of us, and then there is one with every combination for things like when we had JC’s surprise birthday there was the four of us without JC. When we had Joey’s birthday, it was four of us without Joey.

“There could be one about me. I don’t know. They might talk smack about me like, ‘Oh my God. Did you see Chris yesterday? What an idiot.'”


**E! News says Kevin Hart is laughing off allegations he recently cheated on his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish.

Kevin instagrammed; “At the end of the day, you just gotta laugh at the BS. #LiveLoveLaugh ….. [Shaking my damn head.]”

Radar Online claimed Kevin had a secret rendezvous at 5 a.m. at a Miami Beach hotel. What they really have are pictures of a man, who looks like him kissing a mystery brunette. A source tells Radar Online; “It’s obvious they were up to no good. She kept looking over her shoulder, and Kevin was pop-eyed when another guest walked by.”

#LiveLoveLaugh …..SMDH

A post shared by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on


**InTouch Weekly Magazine claims Lamar Odom is planning to write a tell-all book. A source tells the magazine that he may receive $10 million dollars for his memoir. “Lamar is going to include never-before-told secrets about cheating, sex, and drugs, the booze, the pills, the cocaine, all of it. Lamar has nothing left to lose and everything to gain.”

Lamar says; “I have a book coming out, an autobiography about my life The book will cover everything. Everything. It’s a free-for-all. [I’ll be] open about everything that’s been going on in my life, about the past.”

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