Yesterday Lauren Kelly and I were getting pedicures and I noticed I wasn’t feeling really well. I thought it was just heartburn and I even told Lauren don’t worry “it’s just heartburn”. She said if it gets worse to call her because you don’t mess around with chest pain.

I went home, took a nap because I was exhausted and was woken up with chest pains. Then they got worse. Then it felt like someone was reaching into my chest and squeezing my heart and it became hard to breathe.

That is when Lauren and my emergency contact, Elizabeth, said to get to the emergency room.

I got to the er. They got an iv in me and hooked me up to an EKG. They took me for a chest x-ray and after testing positive for a blood clot, they took me to get a chest CT. The positive test didn’t mean that I had a blood clot, and I was very low risk but it was enough that the doctor wanted to rule out everything.

Luckily the doctor came in and told us that the CT scan came back negative and he didn’t see any blood clots? So what was it? Is it?

I go see the cardiologist next week but this serves as a HUGE reminder that you don’t ignore chest pains! Even if you think it’s just heartburn. Don’t mess around when it comes to your heart.

unnamed 2 Sarah Pepper Spent The Night In The Hospital


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