Is His Boss Hitting On Him Or Is She Just Being Nice?

Author: Lauren Kelly

Brett moved to Houston from Ohio a few months back for a job in oil and gas, and has had a great experience so far.

His job is great, his office is great, and his boss seems to be great as well…maybe a little TOO great though?

She’s very nice and making Brett feel right at home- inviting him out to lunches, inviting him to go cycling on the weekends and other fun events too. Geoff Sheen asked him if there’s any flirting going on, to which Brett answered: YES.

Apparently, she’s very flirty and even touches his arms when she’s talking to him.

So does Brett take the chance and ask the boss out? Or just leave it alone and let her be the flirty one?

Neither are married btw!

Take a listen to his dilemma >>> HERE!

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