Six Tips To Stay Cool In Summer When You Lose Your A/C

Here are six tips on how to stay cool when you don’t have air conditioning, according to Fox News:

1. Turn off lights and unplug TVs and computers. Electrical appliances emit heat, and TVs and computers are some of the hottest. And even if they’re turned off, they can still heat up a room just by being plugged in.

2. Keep the shades closed. It seems obvious, but it makes a BIG difference, especially in rooms that face the sun.

3. Use windows and fans. As soon as the temperature starts to drop in the evening, open doors and windows to get a breeze going throughout the house. If there’s no breeze, use fans.

4. Use cotton sheets. Sheets made out of flannel or silk can trap heat and make you feel hot during the night. Cotton sheets let your skin breathe and even wick away moisture from your skin.

5. Freeze your sheets and pillowcases. It sounds weird, but the coolness should last long enough for you to fall asleep on a hot night.

6. Grill instead of using the stove. Using the stove or oven heats up the kitchen, if not the entire house. Hot summer days are a perfect time to fire up the barbecue and keep all that cooking heat outside.

The 7th tip, according to Mix 96.5? Immediately call an A/C repair company and get it fixed!!



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