Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

**Michael Phelps didn’t really race a great white shark on the Discovery Channel last night. The whole thing was simulated, using computer-animated sharks.

In reality, the whole thing was SIMULATED. They apparently timed some sharks: A great white, a hammerhead, and a reef shark. Then they SIMULATED the races, with Phelps going against computer-animated sharks.

As for the results, he beat the reef shark, but he got crushed by the hammerhead, and he lost to the great white by two seconds.


**Actor John Heard died on Friday. You’d recognize him from a lot of TV shows and movies, but he’s best-known for playing Macaulay Culkin’s dad Peter McCallister in the first two “Home Alone” movies, or as Tom Hanks’ nemesis at the toy company in “Big”.

It’s a little unclear how he died. His body was found in a hotel room by a maid, but it’s “not considered suspicious.”

He was in supporting roles in films like “Beaches”, “Awakenings”, “The Pelican Brief”, “My Fellow Americans”, “Snake Eyes”, and “Animal Factory”.


**About 14 million people watched O.J. Simson‘s parole hearing across nine major networks last Thursday, maybe that’s what helped him get his fist job offer straight outta jail…

O.J. has been offered a job at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the legal brothel in Nevada where Lamar Odom got into some trouble in back in 2015. It sounds like he’d just be doing P.R., but the owner says he can live there too, and take advantage of the “perks” basically for as long as he wants. But not all the working girls are interested in working with O.J.

Female Entertainer Brooklyn Moore says, quote, “We have worked hard to overcome the stigma that nearly consumed us, and the last thing we need is another link to the Kardashian clan coming around to ruin our business and jeopardize our safety.”


**The World War 2 movie “Dunkirk” topped the weekend box office with $50.5 million. The raunchy chick comedy “Girls Trip” came in second with $30.4 million. But the $200 million sci-fi flick “Valerian” bombed, taking in a mere $17 million.

Here’s this weekend’s Top 5

1. NEW: “Dunkirk”, $50.5 million
2. NEW: “Girls Trip”, $30.4 million
3. “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, $22 million. Up to $251.7 million in its 3rd week
4. “War for the Planet of the Apes”, $20.4 million. Up to $97.8 million in its 2nd week
5. NEW: “Valerian”, $17 million

Side note, in news hailing from Comin Con on Saturday, Warner Bros. revealed a sequel to Wonder Woman is officially on. Gal Gadot will reprise her role as Diana Prince.


**If you’re lazy, this is GREAT news.

According to a new study out of Stanford University, people who just THINK about exercise and consider themselves healthy live longer than people who think they’re out of shape.

The researchers found that when people BELIEVED they were in shape, it actually led to drops in their weight, body fat, and blood pressure.


**Apparently if you’re on a date and the other person won’t stop staring at your feet, it DOESN’T mean they’ve got a raging foot fetish…it means they’re totally not into you.

According to a new study, if someone looks at your feet or legs, it means they’re not interested in you in that type of way.

The researchers found that if someone IS into you, they’ll keep their eyes focused on your head and chest. And men will also check out your hips.

If someone stares at your feet or legs, they probably don’t want to date you


**Contact Music claims China has banned Justin Bieber from performing in the country because of his past bad behavior.

China’s Culture Bureau released the following statement; “Justin Bieber is a gifted singer, but he is also a controversial young foreign singer. As far as we are concerned, he has engaged in a series of bad behaviors, both in his social life and during a previous performance in China, which caused discontent among the public. We hope Justin Bieber is able to improve his conduct as he grows up and will once again find public favor.”


**The NY Post claims Julianne Hough‘s honeymoon could cost at least $80,000.

She and NHL player Brooks Laich are staying on a private island in the Seychelles. Their room costs $11,000 a night and features a private infinity pool, a hot tub, a gazebo, a personal chef and a butler.


**TMZ claims thieves recently broke into Hillary Duff‘s Beverly Hills home where they stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and other items.

Hillary wasn’t home. She was on vacation with her family in Canada and was posting pictures on Instagram.

People are comparing it to when Kim Kardashian’s Instagram posts led to thieved knowing she wasn’t home, where she actually was, and making the theft easier by posting those things.


**Ben Affleck addressed rumors that he’s stepping down from the role of Batman, telling fans at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday, July 22, not to believe everything they read.

“Let me be very clear,” he said during a panel promoting the new Justice League film. “I am the luckiest guy in the world. Batman is the coolest part in the universe. I’m so thrilled to do it. It’s f—ing amazing.”

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Warner Brothers was looking for a new, younger actor to play the Caped Crusader (Affleck turns 45 next month), with plans to gracefully usher out Affleck’s Batman.


**Madame Tussaud’s made some changes to its wax figure of Beyoncé after facing backlash on social media earlier this week.

The pop superstar’s wax twin went viral after it was returned to the wax museum’s New York City location. Many Beyhive members felt the figure had much lighter skin and lacked the curves of the real Beyoncé.

Then, The New York Times reported that the statue was removed after a staff member told the paper that Beyoncé’s wax figure was “off the floor until further notice.”

The museum later clarified to Entertainment Weekly on Friday that it was simply restyling the figure, and it has been returned to the floor. “We love, respect and enjoy a working relationship with Beyoncé,” the statement read. “We have adjusted the styling and lighting of her figure, and she is on display at Madame Tussauds New York.”


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