ALL THE FEELS: Police Officer Spends 1st Birthday With Girl He Helped Deliver

Author: Lauren Kelly

Evelyn Hall had a very special photo shoot for her first birthday with the sheriff’s deputy who helped welcome her into the world.

Deputy Constable Mark Diebold of Tarrant County, Texas helped deliver Evelyn in a gas station parking lot on July 18, 2016, when her parents couldn’t make it to the hospital in time.

A year later, Diebold and Evelyn shared an adorable tea party to celebrate.

She loved clinking her little tea cup with him. They had a bonding moment there for sure,” mom Destiny Hall told ABC News. “Mark Diebold, without a doubt, is one of the most genuine, loving, thoughtful and caring [people] we have ever met. He is quick to think of others and we are so blessed to call him friend and family.”

Soon after her birth, Evelyn had a photo shoot with Diebold’s badge to honor him. Destiny Hall said her family has developed a friendship with Diebold, and her kids refer to him as “Uncle Mark.”

She said, “Evelyn’s birth has blessed us in countless ways, but our friendship with the Diebold’s is one of the biggest ones.”



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