Do You Wash Your Legs In The Shower?

I know I’ve heard chat through the years about do you use a wash cloth or just use the bar of soap? Do you stand towards the shower head or away from it? But when I (Jason Cage) revealed to Sarah Pepper that I rarely if ever actually wash my legs, I started wondering does anyone??

Needless to say, Sarah was pretty freaked out but part of me thinks she’s lying about washing her legs herself.  Think about it, you are in the shower, you wash the pits, you wash your hair, clean up the bidness, clean the chest and the parts of your back you can actually reach, but do you bend down and actually SCRUB the legs or do you just let the soapy water that is already running down do the job for you?  Unless you recently rolled in a pit of mud or if you are female and shaving your legs (and even then you really aren’t purposefully washing them) then you most likely venture no further south than the waist.

I think of it like going through one of those brushless car washes that just sprays soapy water at your car and then drys it off at the end.  Car looks pretty clean after right?

This was going around a little while ago, and maybe this is accurate.

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