Sarah Pepper

I have a friend tying the knot for the second time next month and we were talking on the phone last night and I was apologizing that I couldn’t make it to her wedding and she said it was ok, it’s going to be a short ceremony and small ceremony because it is her second wedding. I asked her if she could send me a picture of her dress and she said, “You’ve seen the dress”.  I immediately apologized and started going through my text messages because I didn’t remember her sending me a picture and then said, “I can’t seem to find it can you send it again?”.

That’s when she told me I saw her dress, at her first wedding.

She is wearing the same dress. No alterations. No fixes. Same dress.

Now, I save everything. I am a pack rat. I am sure if you go into my “treasure boxes” I probably have some trinket that I kept from her wedding but I am also superstitious as HECK and it would be hard for me to wear the same wedding dress if my first marriage ended in my husband cheating with a co-worker of his and getting her pregnant.

Now, if things had ended amicably and we were friends and it just didn’t work out. Fine. I’ll wear the dress. They’re expensive. I get it. I’m not made of money. However, if my marriage ended in firey flames and I was crushed. I wouldn’t wanna be standing in that same dress as I was starting my new life with someone new.

However, always open to another thought and another story and another way of thinking. I wanna know, could you?



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