Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

Ever thought of looking for love on reality television? Auditions for ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ are coming to Houston tomorrow, and according to ABC 13 – this may be your chance to accept that rose.

The site reads, “Casting for Season 22 of The Bachelor and Season 14 of The Bachelorette has begun! Houston, do you have the charm, style and charisma it takes to find true love on the popular, romantic ABC reality series? Eligible women and men who feel they could become America’s next leading lady or man are invited to The Downtown Houston Aquarium to meet with the show’s casting producers.”

Ok guys and gals…as a 3 time previous auditioner, I’ll give you some of my tips on how to ace your audition…even though they turned me down ALL THREE TIMES.

1.) You need to come dressed in your cutest outfit.

The producers wanna see what you’ll look like on camera, so pick your favorite outfit. And make sure do your hair and makeup too.

2.) Bring a bunch of photos of yourself that you shouldn’t expect to get back.

They’ll need something to keep to reference you after the interview. And pick photos of just you. They don’t care about your friends.

3.) Bring your best A-Game.

These producers see hundreds of thousands of girls and guys every week, so you’ll need something to make you stand out from that other chick with the crazy ex-boyfriend and bright red lipstick.

4.) Keep it real, and make your story interesting. 

The last thing producers wanna hear about is how many seasons you’ve watched the show, and who you thought JoJo should’ve chosen in the end. You’ll only get about 5 minutes total with them, so think about what makes you different from everyone else. Do something to make the producers remember you.

5.) And finally, have patience during the audition process.

Guaranteed there will be a lot of people that show up, and the producers will get to each one. So grab a glass of wine and enjoy the people watching while you wait…but not TOO MANY GLASSES, because you don’t wanna be THAT person, lol.

Have fun, and good luck!

PS- Chris Harrison will NOT be there.

The Downtown Aquarium, Houston
Thursday July 27, 2017
410 Bagby Street
Houston, TX 77002

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