Blowing Out Birthday Candles Increases Bacteria on Cake 1,400%

Yayyyy it’s Marsha’s Birthday! Everyone stop what they are doing and give her special attention all day like it’s a national holiday!  Of course, the birthday girl deserves to blow out 29 individual candles.   She huffs, she puffs and in her prosecco tipsy stupor, slobbers enough wind out to finally extinguish the flames.  Yay!

Not Yay

According to a new Journal of Food Research study, blowing out birthday candles increases the number of “aerosolized bacteria” on the surface of the cake by a staggering 1,400 percent compared to icing that hasn’t been slobbered and blown all over.  But hurry in and get a piece while you can, it’s German chocolate!

Not really sure what you can do to prevent this, saran wrap the cake and stick the candles through it?

Happy Birthday to you, here’s the flu.


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