Sarah Pepper

I realize I don’t have very long hair, I also don’t dye my hair so I am pretty basic when it comes to getting my hair done. For the cut plus the tip is like 40 bucks or so. As a kid, it was 8 dollars. For my mom and sister, it is still 8 dollars because they still go to the same woman who has done our hair since we were kids. She was the maid-of-honor in my mom’s wedding and if you’re good, you get a ring pop. It’s a sweet deal. Plus, she does a great job!

So when I heard that it was $350 to get your hair done my hair almost fell out! Is that normal? Doesn’t that seem high?

So I consulted my friends who do hair and asked them. On the low end and high end, what does it cost for cut, color and style. The standard response was around $200.

What blew my mind is the text I got saying that one woman spends almost 2,000 on her hair! Now, to be fair that is cut, color, extensions and some treatment that I can’t even pronounce and she is happy to pay it but 2,000 seemed a bit high for me.

$200 seemed a bit high for me. But, again, I haven’t had long hair in a really long time so maybe that’s the average.

How much do you spend on your hair?


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