Houston Man Is Dupped For 80k For Love!

I saw this story last night on KHOU

His name is Greg Davis and he admits that he feels “stupid” for all of this.

He said it all started when he met a girl on match.com. He said she was extremely attractive and she told him her name was “Milikah” and she said she was in Chicago.

Things were going well. They progressed from e-mails to phone calls and text and then one day, according to KHOU, Malikah said her father died and left her millions overseas.

Now here’s the deal, at this point most of us would be out. We’ve seen Catfish, gotten those e-mails. We see the scam. However, love is blind and when she asked him to send her increments of money that would pay for the taxes, he did. He paid increments of $,5000 and $10,000 and all in all it added up to $80,000 over 2 years!

It’s sad too because Greg drained his retirement, maxed his credit cards and took out dozens of payday loans for love.

So why didn’t Greg ask for proof that he inheritance was real?

He did.

That’s when he says he was sent a video, which according to KHOU, ┬áhad a, quote,” a heavy-accented man is holding a stack of cash. There are rows of 100 dollar bills with “GREGORY” printed on every single note. ”

Greg isn’t the only one in 2016 1,000 people in Texas were victims of romance scams!





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