Most Hated Office Lingo

You can read the full story on the Telegraph. 

I can tell you right now I hate office LINGO! I think they are crutch words for people who have NO IDEA what they are talking or doing and are ill-prepared for the task at hand. Or they are just words people use to sound smart and in “the know”.

Seriously we add words every year to the dictionary. Expand your vocabulary.

I also feel like office lingo is kind of like Mom-isms in that I know what they mean when you say.

Here are the top six hated Office Lingo Words and what I think they mean.

1.  “Let’s touch base.”

I haven’t done any of my homework or research on this matter and I know you have so let’s “touch base” before the meeting so I can take you ideas and use them as mine or we can say they are “ours”.

2.  “Game changer.”

I think this is awesome but it probably won’t live up to the hype but I want everyone to buy into it as much as I have so, it’s a game changer. Unless it literally changed your life, not a game changer. I like this lingo but used way too much.

3.  “No brainer.”

I didn’t think of this idea but I want to sound smart so if I diminish your idea by saying “no brainer” it will make the master of the universe and most importantly this office!

4.  “Mission statement.”

This is one I actually do like because it gives you a connection to your company and their mission.

5.  “Pick it up and run with it.”

I love the idea, I know it will be successful I just don’t want to do any of the work associated with it but will be happy to bask in it’s success. So go with it. Do it and “we” can take credit when it’s done.  We can “touch base”.

6.  “Let’s get our ducks in a row.”

Does anyone know what’s going on?



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