Gordon Hartman had a very hard time watching his 12-year-old daughter, Morgan, making friends while the family was on vacation and he said it broke his heart. After that moment he went on a mission to find a place where Morgan, who is on the Autism spectrum could be around other who knew how to interact with her and what broke his heart again, he found that place, didn’t exist.


This is the moment you see that a father’s love has no bounds. When he found there was no place for his daughter, he made it himself!

So, he made it himself.

You see, Gordon Hartman is the founder of Morgan’s world and it is an ultra-accessible theme park right here in Texas in San Antonio. It a place  where people with or without diasbilities can come and play together. According to People, “It’s a place of total inclusion — a park where there are no barriers from keeping anyone from playing with each other.”

Gordon says, quote, “It’s a park for 100 percent of the people, not one for 90 or 80 percent of them, it’s for everybody, no matter how acute their special need may be,” Hartman tells PEOPLE. “That’s what my dream was.”

The park was built three years ago but is back in the news because just this year, they added a water park.

Today, Morgan is 23-years-old and the little girl who inspired her father to make a difference in this world for not just his daughter but sons and daughters everywhere has a park named after her that millions have visited over the years.

Proving, a father’s love has no limits and when it’s not there, a father builds it.



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