What Are The Songs You’re Embarrassed To Admit You Like?

Author: Lauren Kelly

Geoff Sheen was riding in the car with his son Charlie the other day, when Mark Mark’s “Good Vibrations” came on. Charlie lit up with a big smile, and Geoff asked him, “Do you like this song?” To which Charlie replied, “It’s my FRA-VORITE!” Hahaha!

Now to me, “Good Vibrations” isn’t that cringe-worthy…but Geoff was a little embarrassed by the admission.

Throw is songs like “Barbie Girl,” “Mmm Bop,” “I’m Too Sexy,” “Never Gonna Give You Up,” “Wannabe,” just to name a few others…now THOSE are songs I’d never admit I still like to hear!

What about you guys?

What are some more songs we can add to this list of embarrassing songs??


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