True or false? Real or fake? Is Queen Elizabeth planning to pass on the crown directly to her grandson Prince William?


On Thursday, a story went viral claiming that Queen Elizabeth was planning to skip over her own son Charles and put the future directly in Prince William’s hands. Unfortunately, it’s just not true. According to Snopes, the story originated back in October 2016 from two fake news sites, 1ndependent and Da1lyMail. Based on those original articles, the takeover was supposed to happen in February 2017. Clearly that did not happen.

So for whatever reason, the story starting gain steam again this week. Apparently, there was a “palace insider” and an article that came from Life & Style magazine. However, Snopes investigated their website and no such story exists.

Basically, this whole thing is one giant fake news story. Not only that, but the royal family hasn’t even hinted at the idea that this could be a possibility on social media or even their website.

Now we did some digging on our own. And from what we can tell, giving the thrown over to Prince William can only happen once Charles becomes King. Queen Elizabeth’s only option is to give over the thrown to her son. Then it would be up to Charles to either keep the crown or pass it along to his oldest son. You can read more about that HERE. And HERE.


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