Should Geoff Sheen Let Sarah Pepper Or Lauren Kelly Babysit His Kids?

Author: Lauren Kelly

As we continue to wait on the arrival of Geoff Sheen’s new baby, he needs to make sure they have a babysitter ready to go for when it is time to go!

Geoff asked Sarah Pepper to be their first call to watch his other two kids, Charlie and Gladys, when Geoff and his wife have to head to the hospital. (which could be any day!!)

But wait a second, why was Lauren Kelly not even asked? I mean, she babysits all of her sisters kids every day! See below:

But does Sarah even have any experience with watching kids?? Well maybe a little…lol.

Who would YOU rather have watch your kids? Sarah Pepper or Lauren Kelly? We’ll keep you all posted on how this weekend goes!

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