Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

**The Internet was pretty harsh on the courtroom sketch artist who drew Taylor Swift during last week’s trial. Even though his work wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the infamous Tom Brady sketch. The guy’s name is Jeff Kandyba, and he was interviewed by a local news station in Denver.

Jeff said it definitely isn’t as easy as it looks. Quote, “A person like Taylor Swift, who’s very pretty . . . [and] has perfectly proportioned dimensions on the face . . . is actually much harder [to sketch.] Everybody’s got little idiosyncrasies about them that you want to pick up on. It’s hard. Some people are just much easier to draw than others. If you give me somebody with a beard and glasses . . . bingo . . . [I] got it.”


**During an episode of Judge Judy the other day, a man and a woman were fighting over a dog named ‘Baby Boy.’

The woman who had Baby Boy insisted that she LEGALLY bought the dog off someone on the street. The guy also claimed that he was Baby Boy’s owner before that, and that someone had stolen him. So, Judge Judy let Baby Boy decide who his true owner was. Right away, he ran over to the man’s feet, jumped on his leg, and wagged his tail. She gave him the dog.


**Robert Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock, might be unable to use his stage name on the ballot for his possible Senate run in Michigan next year.

To move forward, the star would first need to submit enough valid signatures to secure a spot on the ballot and indicate he’d like to be listed as “Kid Rock.” The Michigan Bureau of Elections staff would then need to research whether his stage name would be permissible. According to the law, candidates may not use a “nickname that is not a recognized diminutive of the candidate’s given name.”

So what’s the main problem with that? If the Kid chooses to run as Robert Ritchie instead of Kid Rock, he might lose his celebrity advantage.


**A Tokyo-based company called BoDivas has rolled out a line of crotch charms. The intimate jewelry’s official name is Beachtails, and is designed to be worn inside underwear or bikini bottoms with the sparkly gems dangling down each side of the wearer’s legs.

Each design is made from a plated-metal chain and Swarovski crystals, and ranges in price from $19.50 to $22.50. You can choose from 11 colors such as light pink, red and black. But be warned: BoDivas notes that “metal allergy is the responsibility of the users.”


**The families of the 22 people killed in the bombing outside an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England are getting $324,000 each. The cash comes from a charity fund that Ariana helped raise money for.

It’s coming from the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, which has raised $23 million since the bombing outside an Ariana concert back in May.

Now, 22 times $324,000 only comes to a little more than $7 million. The fund is still deciding how to distribute the rest.

Ariana herself helped raise money by hosting the One Love Manchester benefit concert with Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry.


**Somebody threw a bra that hit Luke Bryan in the head while he was performing last Saturday in Syracuse, New York. He stopped the show to scold the person, saying, quote, “When you throw a bra at someone, kind of watch the face.

“Don’t hit me in the face with something where your boobies were.”

He finished it off by tossing the bra aside to “put it with the others.” That’s a reference to a different bra incident that happened a few months ago.


**A woman was eating a sandwich at a Chick-fil-A in Langhorne, Pennsylvania back in November when she realized there was a small DEAD MOUSE that was baked into her bun. She started screaming, ran out, then came back in to take pictures.

And she just SUED Chick-fil-A for physical and psychological injuries. She’s looking for at least $50,000.

disGROSSting. Check out a picture >>> HERE.


People loved Rachel Lindsay‘s wardrobe so much when she was on the ‘Bachelor,’ that she’s putting actual items from her closet up for sale!

Lindsay is selling pre-loved clothing that she wore during Nick Viall‘s season of the Bachelor — essentially, ridding her wardrobe of all the pieces that remind her of her ex. The best part: One hundred percent of profits from the sale go to the ACLU (and thredUp is matching every dollar!), so you can feel good about buying the pieces.


**Last night on Bachelor In Paradise they finally addressed the whole scandal during the second part of a two-night premiere. It was pretty anti-climactic.

Following the show’s mid-season suspension of filming due to a now-closed investigation, ABC made some new rules, policies and, ultimately, surprising new outcomes.

Contestants must give explicit consent before sexual encounters

After a sexual misconduct claim, decisions were locked on tape, says contestant Vinny Ventiera. “If you wanted to spend the night with someone, you had to give consent on camera.”

The crew is counting drinks

Only allowed two cocktails per hour, the cast actually “drank more than before,” reveals an insider. “They wouldn’t nurse drinks for a few hours like before.” Their go-to sip: margaritas!

Medications were also heavily monitored

At Mexico’s Playa Escondida resort, a nurse doled out all prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs, reveals a second show insider: “Production took extra precautions with everything.”

There will be no proposals

This season’s fairy-tale endings didn’t include a ring. With only 11 days to film, “there were no engagements,” says a third source. “But there are relationships that will grow.”

Don’t bet on the new Bachelor just yet

A star may be born. After Nick Viall won over viewers last season, “ABC is waiting to see how fans react before picking the Bachelor,” says a source. Two options: Dean Unglert and Ben Zorn.


**James Bond fans: Daniel Craig is returning as!

The 49-year-old actor confirmed the news while on Tuesday’s The Late Show, telling Stephen Colbert, “Yes,” point blank.

“I always wanted to, I wanted a break,” Craig continued, referring to the iconic character that launched him into stardom. “I’ve been doing interviews about it all day and I’ve been rather coy. I kind of felt like if I should speak the truth I should speak the truth to you.”



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