Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

Don’t ever underestimate the knowledge of a 10 year old…

A woman named Ashly Moreau went into labor at her home in Sulphur, Louisiana last Friday. Which turns out, it’s near the Texas border, only 130 miles east of Houston.

Ashly was only 34 weeks pregnant, so the baby was a few weeks premature. It was also BREECH (feet down first instead of head), so she was in trouble..and the only other person there was her 10-year-old son Jayden.

When his mom went into labor, Jayden ran next door to his grandmother’s house and had her call 911. Jayden then ran back to his mom who was still conscious, but was in labor on their bathroom floor. Jayden asked her what to do and she told him he needed to pull the baby out by its legs. And he did. But the baby wasn’t breathing, so then he ran to get a nasal aspirator to clear its airway, and saved its life!

Paramedics came and got Ashly and Jayden’s new baby brother to a hospital, and they’re both doing great now. But her doctors say that if Jayden hadn’t been there, neither of them would have made it.

Check out the rest of this amazing story >>> HERE


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