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**Here’s a quick guide on how to take photos of the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday with your smartphone.

*Use a solar filter or cover your phone with eclipse glasses
*Use a tripod to keep your phone stable
*Practice taking pictures just after sunset, when the light will be similar
*And don’t expect the photos to turn out amazing.


**Amy Schumer attended a taping of Judge Judy in May and shocked viewers of the series who spotted her appearing in the background of the Thursday, August 17, episode.

“Hell yeah! You know I was in the audience on #judgejudy,” Schumer wrote on Instagram after the episode aired. “My sister and I sat in on the cases for the day because we love her!!!!!”

Schumer teased the appearance after her day on set, posting a behind-the-scenes video from the show’s courtroom. “Dream day with @byrdman1157 and #judgejudy he always does a no look pass with documents!” she wrote on May 9. “Thank you for having me and my sis!!!”

No look pass from @byrdthebailiff #dreams

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**According to a new survey, the most popular food for family dinners in this country is Mexican food. 77% of people say that’s what their family gets most excited about.

Classic American comfort foods like meat and potatoes came in second, and Asian food including Chinese and Thai came in third.

Check out that full story >>> HERE


**To land a decent job these days, you’ve gotta have some good job skills and experience . . . or at least  lie about it.

According to a new survey, 46% of American workers know someone who’s LIED on their resumé. That’s up from 21% in 2011.

Here are the four most common things we lie about:

1. Job experience. 76% of people who know someone who’s lied on a resumé said they lied about their job experience.

2. Job duties, 55%. So they didn’t lie about having a job, just about what they DID at a job.

3. Their education, 33%.

4. Their employment dates, 26%. Meaning they stretched them to seem like they worked somewhere longer. Probably so they didn’t have gaps on their resumé.


**The “Hollywood Reporter” claims there’s an Obi-Wan Kenobi stand-alone movie in development.

There aren’t any details yet, but this would probably be the third “Star Wars” anthology movie, behind “Rogue One”, which came out last December, and the untitled Han Solo movie, which is coming out in May of next year.

If that’s the case, this would be the one that Disney has penciled in for 2020.

There’s no script, so obviously there’s also no cast. But Ewan McGregor has repeatedly said that he’d be down to come back. He played Obi-Wan in the prequel trilogy.


**Robin Thicke is going to be a father again. He and his 22-year-old girlfriend April Love Geary are expecting a baby. April posted a sonogram photo yesterday.

She also revealed that she’s due on March 1st, which just happens to be the birthday of Robin’s dad Alan Thicke. Alan died last December after having a heart attack while he was playing hockey with Robin’s brother Carter.

Robin is 40 years old, and he has a 7-year-old son named Julian with his ex-wife Paula Patton.


**New in theaters this weekend:

1. “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” (R)

Samuel L. Jackson is a hitman targeted by a ruthless European dictator who wants to keep him from testifying at his trial. And Ryan Reynolds is the agent assigned to keep him alive, despite their long history of trying to kill each other.

2. “Logan Lucky” (PG-13)

Channing Tatum and Adam Driver play two brothers who bust Daniel Craig out of prison after they lose their jobs and decide to decide to get even by robbing the racetrack where they were doing construction.

Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, and Hilary Swank are also in it.


**Peter Kraus probably would have won “The Bachelorette” if only he’d been ready to commit to Rachel Lindsay and propose, but he didn’t so he left empty handed. But his decision may have also cost him his next TV gig.

In all seasons past, the new “The Bachelor” is typically chosen out of the losing top 4 guys, but apparently “Bachelor” boss Mike Fleiss sent out a Tweet yesterday saying, quote, “Do we really want a Bachelor who isn’t ready to settle down with a woman he loves? Hmmm. Not what #thebachelor is all about.”

A so-called “insider” says, quote, “He is totally on their [s**t] list forever, and there is no way they will reward him with a shot at ‘The Bachelor’. No way.”

Of course, boss man Mike Fleiss could just be trolling us. The best thing a reality show can have is built-in drama . . . and what could be better than this?


**Not only is MTV bringing back TRL in October, they’re also bringing back another favorite old school show: MTV’s Unplugged.

MTV’s revival of “Unplugged” begins on September 8th with Shawn Mendes. Mendes got excited to be on the show after seeing PEARL JAM’s appearance from 1992 . . . even though he wasn’t alive when it originally aired since he’s only 19.

Shawn says, quote, “It wasn’t so much about the commercial, showman side of it; It was really about the music.” There’s no word who else MTV has lined up for the season. Shawn will also be performing at the VMA’s this year on Sunday August 27th as Katy Perry hosts.

Speaking of Katy…

She delayed the start of her upcoming tour. She said the delay was because of “unavoidable production delays,” and “major elements” of her stage were not available for her to rehearse on until just this week.

This means the first six dates will have to be rescheduled. It was supposed to begin September 7th in Columbus, but now it’ll launch September 19th in Montreal.

Meanwhile, she did announce her opening acts. Noah Cyrus will open the first leg, Purity Ring will take the second, with Carly Rae Jepsen opening for the third.

Katy stops here in Houston on Sunday January 7th at the Toyota Center, and Carly Rae Jepsen will be with her then.

SOME 👍🏼 NEWS AND SOME 👎🏼 NEWS but I promise we're gonna be 👌🏼

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**Don’t forget to grab those Powerball tickets for this weekend…since there was no winner on Wednesday this week, the jackpot is now worth more than half of $1 billion and stands at $510 million with a cash option of $324.4 million.

Some of the luckiest places to buy your tickets in Houston are online now.


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