What’s Something You Love That Everyone Else Hates?

Author: Lauren Kelly

Geoff Sheen got an earful today after posting a tweet that highly offended Sarah Pepper…and it was about a CHEESE DANISH.

Serious question: who eats cheese danish? When there’s a tray of danish, no one ever takes cheese. How is there still a market for this? pic.twitter.com/JB1SsmFIxo

— Geoff Sheen (@mrgeoffsheen) August 14, 2017

Now listen folks, I’ve gotta take Geoff’s side on this because I think cheese danishes are GROSS! Nothing sold in a vending machine should be made with an item that can spoil so easily! (what kind of cheese are those actually made with?? )

What’s something YOU LOVE but everyone else seems to HATE??

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