Ed Sheeran took the stage at Toyota Center on Saturday night and put on amazing one-man show! Seriously, he was a bucket list concert and watching him musically build a show on stage, amazing!

We got to sit down with him before the show and you know, we had to ask him about Game of Thrones.

Ed said that he will not be living in Westeros because he’s pretty sure he heard the director say he “died”. He got all burnt up by the dragons! If you aren’t caught up on “Game of Thrones” trying not to give away too much but YEAH! He said he got burnt up.

Also, Sarah Pepper has a theory that Arya Stark is going to killer her sister at some point during the show. She says they have never really liked each other and Ed warns her to watch yesterday’s episode. Not gonna tell you what happened but it’s pretty¬† much why Ed’s face go really red!

We also played Sharing with Ed Sheeran where we asked him rapid fired questions. He played also and smiled and was so gracious and humble and then put on an amazing show!  That included the girl next to Sarah crying, a couple in front of her getting engaged and a LOT and I mean A LOT of singing!

Also, remember that part of the show he was talking about playing at a radio station. That was Mix 96.5

Here’s that audio.

Click here to hear Ed talking about performing at Mix 96.5


chatting mix laurenmix Morning Mix Interview Ed Sheeran



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