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**Kim Kardashian‘s daughter, North West, has clearly inherited her mom’s passion for all things cosmetics. Kim revealed on numerous occasions that her 4-year-old loves playing with makeup but that doesn’t mean she’s allowed to wear it out of the house on a regular basis. So when will Kim let North start putting on makeup?

“Probably 12,” responds Kardashian, adding “that’s when I started to get into it. When I was like 14, my dad got me makeup lessons.”


**Everyone told you not to look directly at the eclipse yesterday without special glasses, but did you do it anyway?

According to Google right after the eclipse, TONS of people were worried that it messed them up. Searches for things like “seeing spots” . . . “eyes hurt” . . . and “accidentally look at eclipse” skyrocketed yesterday after it was over.

So how do you know if you REALLY might’ve hurt your vision and you’re not just being paranoid? If you experienced any of these symptoms last night or you still have them today, you might want to see an eye doctor . . .

1. Blurry vision.
2. A blind spot in one or both of your eyes.
3. Distorted vision.
4. Changes in the way you see color.
5. Extra sensitivity to light.


**A car thief in Florida pulled over to watch the eclipse yesterday . . . and the cops used that chance to move in and arrest him.

A 22-year-old guy named Jocsan Rosado stole a car in Kissimmee, Florida yesterday . . . and apparently he didn’t realize the cops were trailing him.

As he drove away, he made a quick pit stop into a hardware store to buy a welder’s mask to use to check out the eclipse. (Experts say you CAN use a welder’s mask to view an eclipse . . . but only if they’re a shade 12 or darker.)

He put it on, and as he watched the sky . . . the cops moved in and arrested him.


**A 32-year-old bartender in Baltimore was working recently when one of her customers left two lottery tickets as a tip. They were both scratch-offs, and one of them hit for 10 bucks.

So on her way home that night, she stopped at a gas station, and used the money to buy a $10 scratch off ticket. She scratched it off when she got home, and ended up winning a HUNDRED GRAND.

Her name hasn’t been released, but she says she woke her stepdaughter up to check the ticket and make sure she wasn’t crazy. Then she started crying when she found out it was real.

She recently totaled her car in an accident. So now instead of another beater, she’s planning to get something nice. And she’ll use the rest of the money to pay off debt . . . build up her savings . . . and take a small vacation.

Read more on that story >>> HERE


**In a new interview yesterday, Katy Perry was asked if she’s back together with Orlando Bloom. She didn’t exactly answer the question, but she did say,
“Well you know I think people are in and out of your life. It’s nice to keep people you love around you . . .

Katy was also asked if she and Taylor Swift are going to end their beef at the “VMAs”. It sounds like that was just a rumor, but Katy did say she’d love to squash it.

She was also asked her about a supposed rumor that David Hasselhoff is in the running to be an “American Idol” judge, to which she said knew nothing about that.

Listen to the whole interview >>> HERE


**115 years ago today, the Cadillac Automobile Company was founded in Detroit. And in honor of that, there’s a new list of ‘The 33 Greatest Car Movies Ever.’

The list was put together by Vulture.com, and they included all types of movies, with the only condition being that a car plays a key role.

For car movie franchises like “The Fast and the Furious”, they limited it to just ONE from each . . . and for that one they chose “Fast Five”, which came in at Number Eight. Here’s the top 10:

1. “Taxi Driver”, 1976
2. “Mad Max: Fury Road”, 2015
3. “Two-Lane Blacktop”, 1971
4. “Repo Man”, 1984
5. “Collateral”, 2004
6. “Holy Motors”, 2012
7. “Duel”, 1971
8. “Fast Five”, 2011
9. “Joy Ride”, 2001
10. “Taste of Cherry”, 1997


**Taylor Swift is releasing the first single from her upcoming sixth album on Friday, August 25, multiple sources exclusively tell Us Weekly.

“The song is poppy,” one insider tells Us, adding that the music video will also premiere later this week. Swift’s new album isn’t too far away either. “She’s being very secretive about it, but it’s going to be a really good one,” a second source adds.

After dropping her new single, Taylor plans to head to the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.


**Matt LeBlanc had the chance to play Phil Dunphy in ABC’s Modern Family but turned it down because he believed he wasn’t the right actor for the role. During a break following the cancellation of the Friends spinoff, Joey, LeBlanc was sent the pilot script for the sitcom, which premiered September 2009.

In a new interview with USA Today he said, “I remember reading it thinking, this is a really good script … I’m not the guy for this. I’d be doing the project an injustice to take this. I know what I can do, I know what I can’t do. Plus, I’m having too much fun laying on the couch.”

The role went to Ty Burrell, who has won two Emmy awards for it.


After celebrating their engagement in Dallas, former ‘BacheloretteRachel Lindsey and her now fiance, Bryan Abasolo, made their way to Houston for more fun.

The couple came to down a few days ago to visit some of Lindsay’s family in town, and from the looks of it, they had a great time.

The Dallas attorney shared a post on her Instagram where the two are seeing getting
cuddly and laughing among several family members.

My Houston family showered @thebryanabasolo and me with so much love 💛 #familyfirst #houston #r&b #thankful

A post shared by Rachel Lindsay (@therachlindsay) on


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