Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

Powerball is up to $700 million!

This is the second highest Powerball Jackpot in the Lottery’s history.  ABC 13 put together a list of the Top Ten biggest jackpots.

So, if you won. What would you do?

Sarah Pepper – I would tell no one. Why? Because people will come out of the woodwork and decide that you owe them some money. Say nothing. I’m coming in to work like nothing happened and when they say that someone in Houston has won the lottery I am going to act just as shocked as everyone else about someone winning. Then I’m going to buy my RV to drive across the country. I would get all my affairs in order. Get a good lawyer to handle the money and the taxes. Stock up on all my favs from HEB in that RV and then one day, Ghosted. I would be out. Phone disconnected. Social media completely gone and just enjoy driving across the country and seeing everything I ever wanted to see without having to get on a plane again 🙂 Or at least for a while.

Geoff Sheen – Not to be a Buzz Killion, but I don’t really play the lotto. I’m the guy that Sarah hates because I only get a ticket once the jackpot goes BIG! But I did talk about it with my wife last night. We would set up a charitable foundation and a political action committee. I would keep going to work because we don’t want our kids to think having money means you are lazy. Then, I would offer Sarah $1 million to admit on the air that fanny packs aren’t fashionable.

Lauren Kelly – I’m not one to buy a bunch of tickets with people from the office (no offense) but I will buy a bunch of tickets with my family. Aside from paying off my parents’ credit cards, house payments or anything else they need funding for immediately, I’d give each of my sisters and my boyfriend enough to make sure they’re all comfortable. Now on to me: I’d travel everywhere and have vacation homes where I please, I’d hire a personal trainer and chef and be in the best shape possible, I’d buy every single stray dog and make sure they have homes, and I’d finally refil my favorite expensive makeup that I’ve been out of for a while now. 😉




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