If You Want to Lose Weight, Buy Your Groceries Online

What is more bougie than having someone knock on your door while you are in your underwear and deliver all the groceries you just bought online.

A recent study by Live Science found that having groceries delivered might help you lose weight.  When you’re walking around a store, you’re constantly tempted to buy random junk food.  But when you shop online, you have to stop and think about what you need then search for those specific products.

They had college students rate how impulsive they think they are.  Then they gave them about $50 in virtual currency, and had them shop for groceries online.

Across the board, they made healthier choices than when people shop at a grocery store.  And how impulsive they were didn’t matter.  Even the most impulsive ones didn’t buy much junk food.

Tripple Stuffed Oreos were not available for comment….

Read the findings here 


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