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**Beyonce Knowles has launched a relief effort in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey called ‘BeyGOOD.’

The organization teamed up with Bread of Life and Greater Houston Community Foundation, who have been working with the displaced from the start of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall.

Donations to the organization will help in long-term revitalization and help in purchasing cots, blankets and baby products.

Beyonce is just one of several celebrities, including Ellen, Miley Cyrus and J.J. Watt, who have supported relief efforts by donating and raising millions of dollars.


**Filling fuel tanks is becoming increasingly difficult in parts of Texas where some stations were out of gas and pump costs have risen steeply.

In Dallas, we saw lines of cars *at least a block long* at gas stations that had still had gasoline to sell Thursday.

But even if you found a station that HAD gas, you better watch the prices. One Chevron station in downtown Dallas that sold regular gas for $2.29 a gallon just before the storm was charging $2.90, others charged well over $3, and one downtown Shell station charged $3.97 for a regular gallon of gas.


**President Trump is giving $1 million OF HIS OWN MONEY to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

His press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced it yesterday, but said they were leaving it up to the PRESS to decide where the money would go.

She said, quote, “He’s actually asked that I check with the folks in this room, since you are very good at research and have been doing a lot of reporting into the groups and organizations that are best and most effective.”


**A new storm is strengthening in the Atlantic Ocean is looking to be a slight concern as we start to recover from Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Irma is officially a Category 3 storm as of Thursday evening, and it is expected to continue to strengthen as it moves west-northwest at 12 mph. It currently has maximum sustained winds of 115 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

It doesn’t currently pose a threat to land, and it’s too early to say exactly what track the storm will take, but it is expected to become a Category 4 storm by Monday.

Even though the storm is a week or more away from threatening the United States — if at all — Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards was asked about the storm on Thursday. He said simply “we don’t know where it’s going to go,” but a Federal Emergency Management Agency official with Edwards said they will start planning for the storm.


**The first day of school for HISD students will be Monday, Sept. 11, the school district announced Thursday.

The district says this is still dependent on weather and facility conditions. HISD has 300 facilities, and 190 facilities have been assessed so far. They hope to get all 300 done by midnight tonight.

Of the 190 assessed so far, all of them had water inside.

The reason the remaining 100 or so have not been assessed is because staff could not get to them.


**JJ Watt’s Houston Relief Fund started on Sunday at $200,000 and it has just taken on a life of it’s own after reach crazy new high’s yesterday.

JJ was on CNN with Anderson Cooper yesterday to talk about where he intends to start placing the money he’s receiving.


His Houston Flood Relief fund is now up to $13.5 million dollars, after Drake threw $200,000 toward J.J. Watt’s effort. @justinjames99 🙌🏽🙏🏽💙

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**On “Ellen” yesterday, Miley Cyrus cried while she announced that she’s donating $500,000.


**There’s going to be a telethon for Hurricane Harvey relief on September 12th on all the major networks. It’ll be held in three cities: L.A., New York, and Nashville.

Texas native Jamie Foxx will host from L.A., possibly with Hilary Duff, who’s from Houston. Michael Strahan will host from New York, and organizers are trying to get Kelly Rowland as his co-host. They’re both from Houston, too.

Reese Witherspoon and Blake Shelton will host from Nashville. Reese was born in Louisiana and raised in Tennessee . . . Blake is from Oklahoma.


**The National Hurricane Center has released its final storm summary on rainfall and winds associated with Hurricane Harvey. Cedar Bayou, Texas recorded 51.88 inches of rain from Harvey, breaking the continental U.S. record for rainfall from a single storm. Port Aransas, Texas recorded the highest peak wind gusts, at 132 mph.

Parts of Houston recorded more than 44 inches of rain from Harvey, and Beaumont-Port Arthur saw 47.35 inches.

Texas Dept of Public Safety report: 37,000 homes were damaged, and 7,000 destroyed.

Those figures come from a daily damage estimate compiled from reports by local officials and the figures have been rising.

Harris County, which includes Houston, reports that nearly 30,000 homes suffered minor damage and nearly 12,000 have major damage. Jefferson County, which includes Port Arthur and Beaumont, reports that 5,500 homes were destroyed and 16,000 others sustained major damage in areas where officials have warned that flooding could continue for days.


**While we continue to recover from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, one thing we definitely may have forgotten about – paying our bills.

A few companies around Houston that are extending their due dates and deadlines are Reliant, with the message:

Recovering from Harvey is going to take plenty of help from our neighbors, and lots of time.

That’s why we’ve extended our commitment. Through September 30thcustomers impacted by Harvey will not be disconnected. Since the previous deadline of September 5th has changed, that’s an extra 25 days for customers who may need more time because of Harvey. If your account is already in good standing, there’s no need to worry.

New-account deposits are also being waived through September 30th for those relocating due to the storm. for more info.


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