Southwest Airlines Flew A Cabin Full Of Dogs And Cats Rescued From Harvey

Author: Lauren Kelly

Southwest Airlines is helping displaced pets affected by Hurricane Harvey find their forever homes, and they went all the way as to use an entire flight to bring home a bunch of animals.

According to People, on Wednesday a Southwest cabin full of 64 dogs and cats were flown from over crowded Texas shelters to San Diego, Calif. in order to make room for family pets whose humans are currently displaced from their homes.

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Southwest Airlines coordinated with Texas rescue group, Operation Pets Alive!, and San Diego’s Helen Woodward Animal Center, where the 64 animals have relocated to after their 1,400-mile flight.

Four medical personnel from HWAC flew to Texas to help the organization and provide medical care for shelter animals.

After #Harvey, many existing shelter animals in affected areas had to be moved to other cities to make room for pets of displaced families.

— Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir) September 6, 2017


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