No, You Can’t Borrow My Chapstick.

Sarah Pepper

In the office yesterday I asked to borrow a nail file from a co-worker because I had a broken nail. I used it, right in front of her, and when I was finished I went to hand it back and she said, “you can keep it”. I thought she was just being nice but then I found out it’s because it grosses her out to share nail files because she’s afraid she’s going to get nail fungus.

So we started talking about what things you don’t share or shouldn’t be shared.

Sarah – I don’t wear a lot of make-up but I do wear mascara and I refuse to share it. I have a serious issue with people touching my eyes,  I can’t handle it and so to think of someone else having their eyes touch the thing that touches my eyes. NO THANK YOU!

Geoff – I’m a dad, there’s no longer anything I’m not allowed to share.

Lauren – For me, it’s bathing suits. I mean…the top half is ok, but you’re gonna need to find a different bottom half other than mine.


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