A new study says that 11% of us have a Zombie Apocalypse plan.

1.  Find a good place to hole up, where it’s hard for the zombies to get you. 

This is my plane. Ikea or Costco and find a place like this is what a majority of us would do, 45% to be exact.

2.  Then there are those that prepare.

43% of people are going to gather supplies like food, water, and first aid stuff.

3.  Relocate. 

So if you’re in a big City like Houston, 29% of you are leaving and going somewhere small.

4.  Find weapons

I would have thought this would have been higher on the list only, 23%.

5.  Meet up with family members and close friends.

I would do this before I did my plan, my family comes with me but not for everyone. It’s every man for himself. Only 15% are getting family.

6.  Go out and start killing zombies

I have never seen  “The Walking Dead” but I hear they are hunting them or protecting themselves but there is a brave 13% of people who are going to fight the zombies for us.

7.  Try to team up with other random survivors.

The alliances will form.  It will be like survivor but not for everyone, only 6%.


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