Lauren Kelly

**You don’t need to suck in that gut anymore, because now you can wear it proudly out of your shirt.

The Dadbag is a fanny pack that looks like a hairy belly sticking out from under your t-shirt.

Made by London-based art director Albert Pukies, the currently one-of-a-kind waist pouch may soon become mass produced too, after Pukies’ pictures of it started going viral on social media, including Weibo in China.

If the Dadbag becomes real, Pukies envisions offering six models to choose from.

It’s just a prototype for now, but Albert says he’s already gotten SO MUCH interest that he’s probably going to do a Kickstarter to start selling them.

Check out pictures of the DAD BAGS >>> HERE


**Avril Lavigne tops this year’s list of the most dangerous celebrities to search for online. That means you’re more likely to pick up a VIRUS when you search for her than any other celebrity.

For the eleventh year in a row, McAfee researched famous individuals to reveal the riskiest celebrity to search for online. While the top ten “most dangerous” historically have included a mix of musicians, actors and TV hosts, this year’s research identified musicians as the top ten “most dangerous.” Avril replaced comedian Amy Schumer as the most dangerous celebrity to search for online.

Check it out:

1. Avril Lavigne
2. Bruno Mars
3. Carly Rae Jepsen
4. Zayn Malik
5. Celine Dion
6. Calvin Harris
7. Justin Bieber
8. Puff Daddy
9. Katy Perry
10. Beyoncé


**If you keep trying to hook up your single friends with each other but they always ignore your suggestions, you’re going to love this. There’s a new APP to help you find them love.

It’s called Matchmaker, and it’s by the same people who make the dating app Hinge. And that’s the key because it lets you see ALL of your Facebook friends who are on Hinge and then, you can pair any two of them up.

Of course there is a way for them to opt-out of that feature, but they probably won’t think to do that until AFTER you’ve set them up.

When you pair two people up, you write them a quick message of WHY you think they’d be compatible, and then Hinge matches them up and they can take it from there.

If you want in on the action, search for “Hinge Matchmaker” in the Apple app store.

Read more about it >>> HERE


**Jennifer Lawrence has apparently developed a new habit: Freaking out on airplanes.

She told “Entertainment Weekly“, quote, “It’s scary not being able to control yourself. I’ve recently had problems with plane anxiety and it’s really similar. I’m not afraid of the airplane, I’m afraid of me on the airplane and losing control of myself.

“You know when they hit an air pocket and it feels like you’re falling? I did it on a night flight one time. [I yelled]. ‘We’re going down! It’s coming down!'”

She added, quote, “I tried to jump out of an Air France flight once. I can’t believe I didn’t get arrested. I got really claustrophobic and I had to get out.”


**LeBron James has the biggest contract for the upcoming NBA season. His gross salary is $33.3 million, but that’s BEFORE federal, state, and local taxes. So, how much does he actually get?

According to an ESPN report, he loses $11.9 million to Uncle Sam, and pays another $2.2 million in state and local taxes. His agent gets a $947,000 cut, and another $3.3 million goes into a league escrow account.

So, when it’s all said and done, LeBron takes home $16.7 million, or just 50.3% of his $33.3 million gross salary. Of course, he’s making a LOT more than that when you add in endorsement deals and other revenue.

Here are the top 10 NBA salaries . . . before and after taxes:

1. LeBron James: $16,737,751 net . . . $33,285,709 gross
2. Paul Millsap: $15,563,401 net . . . $30,769,231 gross
3. Steph Curry: $15,263,905 net . . . $34,682,550 gross
4. Mike Conley: $15,254,008 net . . . $28,530,608 gross
5. James Harden: $15,141,780 . . . $28,299,399 gross



**The creator of “Fuller House” has given up trying to get the Olsen twins on the show.

Jeff Franklin created “Fuller House” AND “Full House” . . . so he’s known the Olsens forever. And even he’s done trying to convince them. He says, quote, “I’ve stopped asking, really I kind of gave up.

He goes on to tell US Weekly, “But when somebody rings a doorbell, the girls yell, ‘It’s always open!’ on the show so that’s kind of how we feel about the Olsen twins. The door is open. But I think we’ve gotten enough no’s. We’re kind of done asking. But who knows? You never know in life. Who thought this whole thing would happen?”


**Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have split after nearly ten years together.

“She’s full-time back in L.A. He’s in Toronto,” says an insider. “They’ve been on the outs for a couple of months.” The source adds: “They are completely, officially done.”

The actors first met on set of their 2008 film Jumper and got engaged that December. They quietly called off their engagement in August 2010, only to reconcile three months later. Bilson gave birth to their daughter, Briar Rose, in October 2014.

Rachel is best known for her role as Summer Roberts on ‘The OC,’ and Hayden for his role as Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) in “Star Wars.”


**Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site, Goop, is known for its bizarre and unconventional products, and is currently selling “Psychic Vampire Repellent” for $30.


The product is described as “a spray-able elixir we can all get behind.” The description continues, “This protective mist uses a combination of gem healing and deeply aromatic therapeutic oils, reported to banish bad vibes (and shield you from the people who may be causing them). Fans spray generously around their heads to safeguard their auras.”

The site advises: “Spray around the aura to protect from psychic attack and emotional harm.”

In June, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Paltrow admitted that even she doesn’t always understand the cutting-edge advice her site offers.


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