Kelly Clarkson has a new album coming out that is her first album “not under the idol contract” and it’s called “The Meaning of Life” and it’s out October 27th. The first single “Love So Soft” dropped last week and it is everything you wanted from Kelly Clarkson and more.

Here is the first part of our interview

For an artist who has been in our lives for over a decade and was the first “Reality Star”, as the Season 1 winner of “American Idol” she has been setting trends and breaking boundaries since she started. Whether it’s power ballads like “A Moment Like This” or rock out in your car jams like “Behind These Hazel Eyes” Kelly Clarkson has always been a girl I would just like to sit down with and have a beer.

She has changed a lot since she was that 19-year-old girl standing in front of America as she was crowned our first Idol. She’s now 35. A mother of 4. Married. Happy.

A lot of her private life and her relationship with her father has played out for us in the public eye but Kelly said she has had a, quote, “tough skin” since a young age and anyone that grew up with her “can tell you that”.

So is music something that she wants for her kids? “Absolutely!” she answered but not in the aspect you may think. She wants them to have an “Appreciation” for music because it’s a beautiful “language” we can all find common ground with but as far as the spot light? That’s not something she is going to push for her kids. If that is their dream she will support them but she knows what a hard world it is.

Now being a mother trolls and bullying is something that she is already dealing with, with her 16 and 10 year old and her advice for them is “not everyone is going to like you” and you have to “let it go” because it may “get worse” but you have to know you are an amazing person and that is what truly matters. What you think of yourself. Not what others think of you.

Remember when she shut down that internet troll?

You can see that here.

Here is the second part of our interview.


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